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Welcome to Lose a Million!

San José City Councilmember Pete Constant is challenging San José residents to collectively lose a million pounds this year! Here's a message from Councilmember Constant:

I’m challenging San José to get in shape and lose weight. One million pounds of it! I understand how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off.
After a serious back injury years ago I have struggled to maintain my weight.

I have lost twenty pounds over the last four months and now I’m challenging YOU to join me in this weight loss challenge- I hope you will join me!

Even though San José is viewed as a pretty fit part of America, obesity is a challenge for people throughout our region. As New Years’ resolutions fade away, I’m challenging my neighbors and fellow San José residents to join with me as we lose one million pounds! Our website features resources to help you in this weight loss challenge and, most importantly, features a personal, free weight loss journal for you to track your weight loss, calories burned, and other aspects of fitness and weight loss.

I have always believed that government leaders should work to educate, not regulate.
That’s why Lose a Million has a wealth of information about healthy living, healthy eating, and other resources to help you in your weight loss goals.

Thank you for visiting Now join the challenge! Let’s lose a million!

Positive Benefits

Losing weight is a commitment, and may be a challenge for many. It isn’t just about a “diet” or specific “program,” but about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long term changes in daily eating and exercise habits ...

Local Parks & Trails

If you’re going to succeed with the Lose a Million Challenge, you’re going to have to eat healthy and start exercising! For some, a workout in the gym is preferred. Many others would rather get out and enjoy some of San Jose’s various parks...